Thursday, November 5, 2009


Second post. So much has happened! Firstly, that I have finished my exams! That's right, no more school ever. Don't have to worry about taking my nail polish off or make-up (not that I wore it). Such a good feeling lemme tell ya. Didn’t really do that great in any of them as the whole time I was thinking about how great life would be after, haha. I wish I studied more for Ancient History as my teacher was Ms O’Haiher and she was adorable but that didn't happen. I’m gonna miss her though, and Monte (as hard as that is to say).

Secondly, now that school is over, so much is starting to occur! Life is going to be quite busy. Melbourne is in less than a month! School formal, Laura and Dani's eighteenth birthday... The list goes on! And this weekend is so chocka-block. Going to a vintage sale on sat, Ladyhawke sat night then Sass and Bide warehouse sale on Sunday. Loving life at the moment! Also bought tickets to The Temper Trap with Ariana, Vanessa and Maddie! That’s in ages though… I wanna go to Laneway Festival aswell but Mum needs to buy my ticket for that one, ha!

This also reminds me, that I should say how amazing Lisa Mitchell was! Her and the band were very enjoyable. Her voice is so mesmerizing (sounds gay) but when she sung her slower tracks you just got lost in her voice, she even sounds better live than on her album. Didn’t even realize I had my head tilted until friends that were accompanying me were so loud. Never again (jokes!). To top off a pretty good night we saw Matt Corby (contestant in Idol ‘07) in the audience who I picked out. My gosh has he gotten better looking from Idol! He walked by us (and you can imagine at a sold out gig its very squashy) and Vanessa very slyly goes “Hey Matt” it totally weirded him out but so funny!

I also got the new Tegan and Sara album "Sainthood" and the ON/IN/AT books in the mail. So good! All really good tracks, but my faves at the moment (they change) are probs Arrow, Northshore and The Ocean. It really annoys me how people refuse to listen to their music just coz they’re lezzos. Seriously, get a life! Anyway, I love the three books too. They're awesome coz it shows you the perspective that the band sees, even from on stage AND gives each of the 5 band members the chance to share their experiences through journals and photos. My favourite book would have to be the last which is was about their last Australian tour in support of "The Con". Tegan repeadly says how friendly Australians are! How nice. Here's a pic from the book. I scanned it to show ya'll as i thought it was cute. I love the drummer (one on very left), he's sexxxy!

Hope you're happy Ariana! Hehe.

Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm Goin' In for the Kill


I’m Lozzay as people call me and I made a blog today. Not interested in updating it really but people told me to make one so may as well since I’m bored a lot and don’t want to study for a little thing called the HSC.

I would like to tell you about my experience on Tuesday as I went to see La Roux with my fellow friends Vanessa and Karl. They were so good but it was short as they only have one album so far :(. But oh my lord Elly’s hot! (the lead singer). Haha I totes have a massive lessssssssssssbian (emphasis on the l and s) crush on her. She’s my inspiration lemme tell you, what she wears is amazing! And don’t get me started on that short, red hot Mohawk, its so awesome! I wish I didn't have curly hair so I could have hair like that! I just want her to get a tattoo, that would finish her look off perfectly for me. Besides Elly, the rest of the band are so cool aswell, they wear awesome clothes and just look so spunky! (I sound like a Mum). Or as Laura would say, they look 'greash'

During the show they had technical difficulties and she was so cute coz she did little surprise faces. Like this :O, very gugie gugie goo!

So that’s it for now besides that i'm going to see Lisa Mitchell tomorrow!

I’ll now leave you with some inspirational pictures of Elly :)

Xoxo gg

^ Not the best picture of her but she smokes and that's so hot