Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm Goin' In for the Kill


I’m Lozzay as people call me and I made a blog today. Not interested in updating it really but people told me to make one so may as well since I’m bored a lot and don’t want to study for a little thing called the HSC.

I would like to tell you about my experience on Tuesday as I went to see La Roux with my fellow friends Vanessa and Karl. They were so good but it was short as they only have one album so far :(. But oh my lord Elly’s hot! (the lead singer). Haha I totes have a massive lessssssssssssbian (emphasis on the l and s) crush on her. She’s my inspiration lemme tell you, what she wears is amazing! And don’t get me started on that short, red hot Mohawk, its so awesome! I wish I didn't have curly hair so I could have hair like that! I just want her to get a tattoo, that would finish her look off perfectly for me. Besides Elly, the rest of the band are so cool aswell, they wear awesome clothes and just look so spunky! (I sound like a Mum). Or as Laura would say, they look 'greash'

During the show they had technical difficulties and she was so cute coz she did little surprise faces. Like this :O, very gugie gugie goo!

So that’s it for now besides that i'm going to see Lisa Mitchell tomorrow!

I’ll now leave you with some inspirational pictures of Elly :)

Xoxo gg

^ Not the best picture of her but she smokes and that's so hot

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